About Me

I'm Mehrdad Mahrooghi

Online Marketer specializing on Cross-Platform Marketing Fields Such as Inbound/Content & Strategy.

My Journey

I remember the night that i was doomed to spend without the internet.
Out of boredom i reached out to a psychology book, dusted on my shelves.

It was the day that my life got a twist & changed how i saw everything.

Psychological awareness & learning about influencing was everything to me, but without any real goal.

Soon, after moving more & more towards a business setting, i got fascinated by the idea of psychology being used in business.

Then i got familiar with marketing & it became my passion, so i opted in and started my journey to becoming “the game changing marketer”.

My Goal

My Goal is to help businesses grow fast & steadily by:

  • Improving All-Round Inbound Efforts.
  • Boosting Traffic Through Content & SEO.
  • Increasing Conversion by Examining Every Single Detail.
  • Creating Results-Driven Marketing & Sales Infrastructure.
  • Removing Bad Marketing Habits.
  • Developing a Thriving Culture.

My biggest vision is to elevate the level of inbound marketing; by merging different expertise and coming up with valuable & original insights.



Inbound Marketing
Content Marketing
Marketing Strategy
Digital Marketing & SEO
Growth Leadership


Solution Selling
Management Consulting
Commercial Photography & Filmography

My Abilities

Quick Learning

Language Skills

Fluent in English, Persian & Learning German.

Working Experiences

In Rahavard the mission was to maximize the efficiency of time for Persian-speaking managers by summarizing the key points of the top business books.
I helped it’s incredible team find new revenue streams by getting more B2C clients.
It was a quick Experience followed by a faster growth.

My Main Duties:

  • Creative Business Development 

  • Making Marketing Plans For Finding New Ventures

  • Helping-Out With Online Presence & Social Media Strategies

  • Crafting Viral Content

  • Editorial Duties

  • Finding New & Interesting Business Books 

I had inside sales responsibilities at first, gathering leads and following them through the process.
After understanding the industry, customers & the market, it was an easy transition doing marketing.
Today i am determined to increase our sales & marketing indexes by focusing on ever improvement of our funnels, traffics, conversion rates & branding.

My Hobbies

Mostly Learning business through books, seminars & other mediums.
Love Songwriting, although i rarely do it now.
Spending some nights learning German. Ja!
Spending time with people i care about.
& Watch few movies a year.
I try to rate & make comments on the books i read in this link.

That's it from me

You can find more info about my Academics, Awards, Certificates & More in My LinkedIn Below.

You can also reach to me via this contact form. If you wanna see what i do in Persian; چکار میکنم

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